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Investing in stocks remains one of the most effective ways to increase wealth and achieve financial freedom. Among the various investment options, stocks of Philip Morris International (PMI) stand out as an attractive opportunity, especially when traded through the JuraTrade platform. Here’s why JuraTrade presents the best investment opportunity with Philip Morris stocks.

Philip Morris International: From Traditional Tobacco to Smoke-Free Champion

Philip Morris International Inc. (PMI), established in 1847, is one of the world’s largest and most reputable tobacco companies. Headquartered in New York, USA, PMI operates in over 180 countries and territories, serving millions of consumers worldwide.

PMI is renowned for its premium tobacco brands, notably Marlboro – its flagship product and the most recognized. In addition to Marlboro, PMI owns other famous brands such as L&M, Chesterfield, and Philip Morris, which have built a strong brand presence and hold significant market shares in many countries.

In recent years, PMI has undertaken a significant transformation strategy from traditional tobacco products to smoke-free alternatives. One of its pioneering products in this field is IQOS, a device that heats tobacco rather than burning it, aimed at reducing health risks associated with smoking.

In 2022, PMI acquired Swedish Match, a leading company in the oral nicotine pouch market, consolidating its position as a global leader in smoke-free products with brands like IQOS and ZYN.

Philip Morris International Reports Strong Q1 2024 Results and Optimistic Outlook

In Q1 2024, Philip Morris International (PMI) reported an earnings per share (EPS) of $1.50, surpassing the average analyst estimate of $1.41. The company’s revenue also exceeded expectations, reaching $8.79 billion compared to the forecasted $8.46 billion. PMI’s adjusted operating profit margin increased from 37.3% to 38.2%, indicating improved operational efficiency and cost management.

Based on the strong Q1 performance, PMI has raised its full-year 2024 adjusted EPS forecast to between $6.55 and $6.67, higher than the previous estimate of $6.37. This reflects the company’s confidence in maintaining and enhancing strong and sustainable business performance in the coming quarters.

CEO Jacek Olczak stated that the robust Q1 2024 results have provided momentum and confidence to raise the full-year forecast. He also highlighted the strong growth of PMI’s smoke-free products such as IQOS and ZYN, which are pivotal in PMI’s strategy to transition from traditional tobacco products, aiming to mitigate health risks associated with smoking.

Philip Morris International Leads Forbes’ “Net Zero Leaders 2024” Ranking

Philip Morris International (PMI) was honored to top Forbes’ “Net Zero Leaders 2024” ranking, which recognizes 100 outstanding U.S. companies for their efforts in reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). The ranking, based on data from Sustainalytics and Morningstar, evaluates criteria including governance, emissions reduction strategies, and financial capabilities.

Jennifer Motles, PMI’s Director of Sustainable Development, emphasized: “Sustainability is at the core of PMI’s strategy, not only to minimize negative impacts but also as an opportunity for innovation and long-term growth.” Leading this ranking demonstrates PMI’s relentless efforts towards a sustainable future and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition to its environmental achievements, PMI is experiencing a strong start in 2024. Its smoke-free products, such as IQOS ILUMA and ZYN, have shown significant increases in revenue and profits in the first quarter, surpassing market expectations. Expansion in the U.S. market and rapid growth contribute positively to PMI’s success.

The upwardly revised income growth forecast for 2024 reflects PMI’s belief in sustaining strong and resilient growth in the smoke-free tobacco product industry. This underscores PMI’s leadership not only in environmental stewardship but also as a reliable partner in sustainable investment and development.

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