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Dividend Payment Schedule (2024 – March)

List of stocks going ex-dividend during next month is listed below. In order to receive a dividend, shares of a stock must be purchased no later than the last trading day before the ex-dividend date.

InstrumentSymbolAmountCurrencyNext Ex-Date
Alcoa Corp CFDAA.US0.1USD4 Mar
Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd CFDRCL.US0.78USD5 Mar
Home Depot INCHD.US2.25USD6 Mar
HSBc Holdings PLCHSBA.UK0.31GBP7 Mar
Standard Chartered PLC CFDSTAN.UK0.21GBP7 Mar
Kraft Heinz Co CFDKHC.US0.4USD7 Mar
Travelers Cos Inc CFDTRV.US1USD7 Mar
Kimberly-Clark Corp CFDKMB.US1.22USD7 Mar
FedEx Corp CFDFDX.US1.26USD8 Mar
Public Storage CFDPSA.US3USD12 Mar
Hwelett-Packard Co CFDHPQ.US0.27USD12 Mar
NetEase Inc CFD -ADRNTES.US1.08USD13 Mar
American International Group Inc CFDAIG.US0.36USD13 Mar
Roche Holding AG ParticipationROG.CH9.6CHF14 Mar
Wal-Mart Stores Inc CFDWMT.US0.21USD14 Mar
Gilead Sciences Inc CFDGILD.US0.75USD14 Mar
Merck & Co Inc CFDMARK.US0.77USD14 Mar
Coca-Cola Co CFDKO.US0.48USD14 Mar
Total EnergiesFP.FR0.74EUR20 Mar
Philip Morris International Inc CFDPM.US1.3USD20 Mar
Gladstone Investment Corp CFDGAIN.US0.08USD20 Mar
LTC Properties Inc CFDLTC.US0.19USD20 Mar
British American Tobacco PLCBATS.UK0.58GBP21 Mar

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