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Investors at JuraTrade Thrilled by Unprecedented High Dividends from Total Gabon

In a surprising announcement, Total Gabon has excited the entire investment community at JuraTrade by declaring unprecedentedly high dividends. This news quickly spread and became a hot topic on various investment forums and groups.

Total Gabon – A Symbol of Strength in the Oil Industry

Total Gabon, a subsidiary of the global energy conglomerate TotalEnergies, was established in 1949 and began its oil and gas exploration and production activities in Gabon in the 1960s. As one of the largest oil producers in Gabon, Total Gabon has made significant contributions to the nation’s economy.

Total Gabon consistently strives to enhance extraction efficiency and optimize costs to maintain and expand production. Simultaneously, the company focuses on sustainable energy solutions and minimizing environmental impact, aligning with TotalEnergies’ sustainable development strategy.

Total Gabon not only represents the strength of TotalEnergies in Gabon but also stands as a symbol of international cooperation and sustainable energy development in the region.

Total Gabon Benefits from the Robust Development Strategy of Parent Company TotalEnergies

Despite being a relatively small subsidiary of TotalEnergies, Total Gabon has achieved impressive profits over the years, reflected in the high annual dividends paid to shareholders. The company benefits significantly from the robust policies and development strategies of its parent company, TotalEnergies.

TotalEnergies plans to increase production by 30% by 2030, with half of this growth coming from electricity (primarily renewable energy) and the other half from LNG. The company’s sales structure will be adjusted by 2030: 30% oil, 50% natural gas, 15% electricity, and 5% biofuels and hydrogen, aiming to reduce oil sales by at least 30% from 2020 to 2030.

From 2022 to 2025, TotalEnergies will invest between 13-15 billion USD annually, with 50% allocated to new energy development (mainly renewables and electricity) and 50% to natural gas (mainly LNG). This investment will not only benefit Total Gabon through advanced resources and technology but also contribute to sustainable development and environmental impact reduction.

Leveraging the strategy and investments of TotalEnergies, Total Gabon has not only achieved impressive profits but is also well-prepared for the future with a strong shift towards sustainable energy.

Total Gabon – A Promising Investment Prospect at JuraTrade

Over the past 5 years, Total Gabon’s stock price has seen significant growth, shifting from losses to profits, indicating a positive trend. This has led experts to expect continued stock price increases in the future.

The Importance of Total Shareholder Return (TSR)

When measuring stock price gains, investors should also consider the total shareholder return (TSR). While stock price gains reflect changes in stock price, TSR includes dividend value (assuming they are reinvested) and the benefits of capital gains or stock splits. For companies with generous dividends like Total Gabon, TSR is often much higher than stock price gains. Over the past 5 years, Total Gabon’s TSR has reached 270%, far exceeding the stock price gains, thanks to the dividends paid, which have increased the total shareholder return.

Stability and Future Investment

Despite substantial dividend payments and robust investments, Total Gabon maintains stable annual profits at around 26 million USD, ensuring continuous operations and reinvestment for the future. Following a decline in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Total Gabon’s stock price has rebounded strongly, making its stock a suitable choice for long-term investment thanks to its consistent dividend payouts and stock price growth trend.

Experts predict that Total Gabon’s stock price could reach 184 EUR, 193 EUR, and even surpass 200 EUR to reach 201 EUR. Owning the stock before the ex-dividend date to receive a dividend of 20.55 EUR on June 26 is a promising investment opportunity with high profit potential.

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